söndag 24 juli 2011

Terrordåden i Oslo: Massmördarens manifest

TERRORDÅDEN I OSLO Massmördaren Anders Behring Breivik planerade sina dåd länge – och detaljerat. I ett omfattande manifest och dagbok på drygt 1.500 sidor med titeln "2083 – A European Declaration of Independence" (2083 – En europeisk frihetsdeklaration) redogör han under namnet Andrew Berwick för sina planer. Manifestet påminner på sätt och vis om Ted Kaczynskis ”Unabomber Manifesto” medan bombdådet är en kopia av Oklahomabomben. De känslokalla skjutningarna är också en kopia på valfri skolskjutning exempelvis Columbinemassakern.

After years of work the first edition of the compendium "2083 – A European Declaration of Independence" is completed. If you have received this book, you are either one of my former 7000 patriotic Facebook friends or you are the friend of one of my FB friends. If you are concerned about the future of Western Europe you will definitely find the information both interesting and highly relevant.

I have spent several years writing, researching and compiling the information and I have spent most of my hard earned funds in this process (in excess of 300 000 Euros). I do not want any compensation for it as it is a gift to you, as a fellow patriot.

Much of the information presented in this compendium (3 books) has been deliberately kept away from the European peoples by our governments and the politically correct mainstream media (MSM). More than 90% of the EU and national parliamentarians and more than 95% of journalists are supporters of European multiculturalism and therefore supporters of the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe; yet, they DO NOT have the permission of the European peoples to implement these doctrines.

The compendium, – "2083 – A European Declaration of Independence" – documents through more than 1000 pages that the fear of Islamisation is all but irrational.

Ladda hem dokumentet här (wordfil, 4,5 mb)

Han bifogade även en video


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