söndag 15 maj 2011

Pakistani techer in Norway want to decapitate if islamaic rules are not followed.


Pakistani Imam - teacher in Norway want to decapitate people if islamaic rules are not followed.

He want to kill those who eat during ramadan and violate the islamic rules.

Eating a hot dog before sunset may therefore lead to death if muslims are in charge.

Now he want to open a school for 200 children and teach the koran and muslim rules.

It is unknown what the basis was for the pakistani man to enter Norway and why he was granted permission to live there. The man is clearly a threat to everyone in Norway and belong in jail. It is likely that the pakistani like most muslims in the west live on welfare and is using the westerners and their system of "tolerance". They claim they flee an oppresive musiim system. But once grated asylum in the west they go home on vacations and they try to impose muslim rules in the west. They also bring back welfare money to their home country and often finance terrorism with welfare money.

Original poster of the video was, the the channel bankorandotcom.

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